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The Chef Locker

Chef Locker was conceived out of a need to secure and organize chef knives.  Traditional methods are cumbersome, insecure and disorganized.  The Chef Locker allows the chef to conveniently store, organize and secure all their knives and tools in a space saving wall mounted locker.  This allows the chef to keep the knives where they are being the kitchen.

Quality Steel Construction
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Chef locker is constructed of solid 16 gauge steel.  Built to last a lifetime!  The interior has two 18″ magnetic bars, one on a swing arm, to secure your steel, ranging from 20-35 knives, and other metallic tools.  This solid locker is 22.12″w x 24.5″h x 8″d. 
Chef Locker is brand new.  You can't buy this item in stores.  

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